Our Story

Chillouts…it all begins in the head

Chillouts grew out of a small fashion accessories company, founded in 1998 in a small garage at the foothills of the Alps. Creator Eli Assoulin quickly realized that life in the towering Alps demands protection, which means that winter accessories are an inseparable part of our daily life.

In 2003, our first collection was born – winter beanies in original designs made of high grade, quality material, and a summer collection that included our lightweight, cotton beanies. From beanies to trapper hats, fedoras and headbands – we offer headwear that is high quality, comfortable and stylish.

Our mission, from the start, has been to design products that are versatile, with the endurance and quality that will meet your every need and are ideal for any occasion. Outdoor performance and protection? We have something for you. Every day comfort and style? We have that too. To our satisfaction, the growing demand of our products has flourished into a full headwear collection, with over 250 different styles, that will suit any taste, activity and lifestyle.

In 2015, we launched in the United States. Eli’s nephew, Imri Givon, a rock climber and craftsman with a passion for beautiful hand-made products, moved to the United States and brought Chillouts along with him. We are excited about this new beginning and adventure.

From the sketch to the final product, we are constantly innovating and transforming classic styles into modern designs, and creating original hats that are both functional and stylish. At Chillouts, we keep our selection of hats as unique as you are.

Matter of the heart

We believe that we have a responsibility to care for our world and our global community. Woven throughout our collections, you will find many of our beanies are handmade in Nepal. For the last ten years, we have employed women from a small Nepalese village outside Kathmandu to craft a selection of handmade hats with loving care. We appreciate the uniqueness of each piece, but what we love even more, is that we are able to grow and sustain a healthy and vibrant community in one of the world’s poorest countries.

This beautiful partnership has paved the future for children in the village as well. Throughout our time in Nepal, we learned about Baba’s Bunch, a small orphanage for children of all ages that we decided to help support. If you are interested in providing additional support,

Click Here to visit Baba’s Bunch Happiness Colony Orphanage